Second by second

Sunny, good pitch ... kick-off ... substitutions ...woodwork ... attack ... offside... corners ... goal ... restart of game ...

Second by second, as the action and drama unfold on the pitch, RunningBall's match scouts faithfully register each event in their handheld MDA for transmission to RunningBall customers around the world.

RunningBall is always on the ball, with real-time delivery of 1,000+ events registered and transmitted for each match. Speed, security precautions as well as unrivalled technology with almost no manual action required ensure an impeccable data product and protect the integrity of the game.

Company Profile

Years of experience, industry-specific know-how and a global cross-linked structure make RunningBall the Number One in the real-time sports information sector. As a leading supplier of computer-aided match analysis, RunningBall uses an extensive network of scouts to cover over 30,000 football matches a year in more than 70 countries, as well as competitions in other sports.

Founded in 2006, RunningBall employs more than 1,100 scouts who gather real-time information on site in the stadiums. Thanks to state-of-the art technology, RunningBall's coverage is in real time, with data reaching clients within a second, unlike live coverage on television which is usually delayed by 5-12 seconds.

RunningBall has developed a unique software package to collect, review, enhance, store and distribute large volumes of data pertaining to football matches and other sports competitions. Extensive security features ensure full integrity of the data.

The company's core business is the B2B sector. It enables customers to extensively improve their live betting offers whilst at the same time helping them to reduce costs and avoid mistakes in their live betting management.

When speed is of the essence, RunningBall's main goal is to ensure the quality of the information supplied so as to actively contribute to a level playing field in the betting industry. To that end, research and development as well as comprehensive quality controls remain key assets, ensuring the future success of RunningBall.

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RunningBall is proud to be a partner of the following sports bodies and academic institutions:

  • Professional Football Players Observatory (PFPO), Switzerland/France
  • www.footballimpact.com

Furthermore RunningBall is proud to be a licensee of:

  • Deutsche Fussball-Liga (DFL), Germany
  • Superligaen, Denmark


RunningBall covers over 30,000 football matches per year in 240 different competitions in more than 70 countries. RunningBall is on the ball - at national, continental and global level.

Other sports covered by RunningBall currently include basketball, tennis, darts and snooker. Ice hockey, volleyball, beach volleyball, rugby league, rugby union, squash, badminton and table tennis are being considered to be added to the overall portfolio of sports offered.